The College I Study Composition Essay

The College I Study Composition Essay

Write a short composition/essay on the college you/ I study.

Essay on The College I Study

The College I Study Essay/Composition: The name of my college is Matban Serajia X college. A rich man named Elem Boksh Sardar founded the college. It is one of the best colleges in the district of Khulna. The college is situated at a suitable place. The college stands at the junction of four roads. Boys and girls from the neighboring villages can come to college easily. The river Koyra flows by the eastern side of the college. Boys and girls also come from another side of the river.

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The college is housed in a nice four-storeyed building. It has fifty rooms. The rooms are spacious with a wide verandah and well ventilated. The Principal has a separate room to sit in. There is an office room adjacent to the Principal's room. Two clerks sit there and maintain the records of the college. There is also Teacher's Common Room where the other teachers take their seats. There are also science laboratories, students' common room, scouts' room, cadets' room, library, and gymnasium rooms.

Students go to the common room, play indoor games and read newspapers, magazines and other papers. The library room is very spacious. There is a rich collection of books in the library of our college. Students read there. They are issued books. The college has two big hostels and two teachers are in charge of the hostels. They supervise the students. Generally, our college starts at 9 am and breaks up at 4 pm. We get a recess of half an hour, take our tiffin. At this time the Muslim students say their Zohar prayers.

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There are 1200 students and well-trained teachers in our school. The Principal is an experienced teacher. The other teachers are also well qualified. They are kind, sympathetic to us. They solve our problem.
The college has a big playground. Our physical instructor himself is a good player. He trains us in various games and sports. Students play football, volleyball, and cricket there. The college has a good reputation for results. The results of the HSC Examination are quite satisfactory. Our college is one of the best colleges in the Khulna District. Its name and fame have spread far & wide. I am proud of being a student at the college. 

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